Manual Chinese Poetry, Anthology of Du Fu (Tu Fu)

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Frontiers of Literary Studies in China. As one of the greatest writers in ancient China, Tu Fu has exerted immense influence upon subsequent poets, including those living in the modern era.

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First, I contextualize the selected four poems composed in , , , and , respectively; and then do a close reading of them. By doing so, this essay aims to observe the tensions between historical narrative and literary imagination, and between symbolic metaphor and living world, so as, ultimately, to interpret how the factors of aesthetics, politics, and metaphysics shaped the different images of Tu Fu. Unable to display preview.

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Advertisement Hide. One poet, four faces: The invention of Tu Fu in modern Chinese poetry. Research Article First Online: 19 May Once they have discussed what those relationships are, each group will come up with a grammatically correct translation of their couplet into English. Have each group go to the board and write their couplet out. Does the class-translated poem read smoothly and intelligibly as a poem in English?

What were the rationales behind each group translating their designated couplet? Review the five translations by various translators; where does the class poem agree with these translations? Where does it differ? Were they able to provide a rationale for how they arrived at their translated couplet?

How do they appreciate the differences in translations and do they recognize the inherent slipperiness of translating one cultural worldview into a language shaped by a different worldview? Students write an essay about the An Lushan Rebellion and what the poem has to say about the experience of war based on the various translations they come up with. Alternatively, students choose a different Chinese poem and work towards their own translation and compare it to other translations they can find by doing a library search of available translations.

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Teach China is a comprehensive professional development program offered by China Institute to provide a wealth of opportunities for K educators to enhance their knowledge of China, past and present. We take an interdisciplinary approach consistent with national and state-mandated standards in order to help educators incorporate the teaching of China into all subjects and grade levels, including Mandarin language learning, the humanities, social studies, and the arts. Teach China promotes cross-cultural understanding through the use and creation of authentic materials, the presentation of balanced perspectives, and the fostering of enduring connections between educators around the world.

This […]. They will discuss change and continuity […].

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This lesson will explore the Chinese value of xiao, or filial piety, through a discussion of selections from the Analects and Mencius and an activity […]. This book of global studies […]. With the participation of teachers from all over the U. In July , […]. This lesson examines the environment impact of urban development around the world.

By the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to 1 describe […].

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This hands-on activity is designed to be an inexpensive way for students to learn and appreciate the cultural significance of select symbols as they appear […]. Reading a Tang Dynasty Poem. Poem: Facing Snow. Description This lesson uses a poem by well-known Chinese poet Du Fu to illustrate the aesthetic principles of regulated verse and parallelism in Chinese poetry that are based on the traditional Chinese cosmological perspective. Couplet : a pair of lines in verse.

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