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Many people are intimidated and delay thinking about retirement. We're Not in Kansas Anymore is the only guide you need to learn how to deal with the Oz-like reality that is retirement planning today.

What Does Early Retirement Feel Like? The Positives And Negatives Of Not Working For A Living

Walter Updegrave shows how to cut through the clutter, assess your finances, and become your own personal pension manager. Neither your employer nor the government will adequately feather your retirement nest. You're on your own. Only you can take action and responsibility for your life after work. Walter Updegrave shows how to start now. Cut through the alphanumeric soup of k s, IRAs, Keoghs, and SEPs, get a grip, and execute a personal plan that makes sense given your circumstances. But the Olympic Games Rio also impart a number of broader lessons that apply beyond the world of sports, including these three that can improve your odds of success in planning for retirement.

It began years before, with grueling weight-lifting sessions, countless hours at the gym and thousands of miles on the water. Without that commitment to putting in the time, energy and effort beforehand, there would have been no victory. The same goes for achieving a successful retirement. If you want a reasonable shot at having a secure post-career life, you must begin laying the groundwork well beforehand—indeed, decades in advance—and then build on that foundation throughout your career. The top priority is saving regularly.

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Also key: an investment strategy that begins with building a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds that matches your tolerance for risk. But the impetus to plan for retirement—and the dedication to stick with your plan—must come from you. British distance runner Mo Farah was nearly halfway through the 10,meter Olympic final Saturday night when he went sprawling to the track after being accidentally tripped by another runner. The pharmacies are already linked in most states that would keep from obtaining multiple prescriptions. With the way things are being done now they are putting current patients at risk by abruptly stopping the opiate medication which can have deadly consequences.

How many people have suffered ill effects, been hospitalized or died from that scenario? How many of those cut off are now out there seeking illegal alternatives? Has the heroin use and overdose rate increased? Some who have stuck with me will wonder what this all has to do with Kratom except my first few sentences. Let society weed themselves of those who are looking to misuse drugs and other means. Trying to control the American person is America losing freedom. Kratom can be used safely if the person purchases it from a reputable source, educates themselves, and uses it properly.

Kratom should be labeled as some alternative vitamins have been. Not tested or regulated by the FDA. Kratom can be a very good help to many people if they educate themselves and use with caution until they know how it effects their body. What about mouthwash? It has alcohol in it. Teenagers can purchase this product and get drunk from the alcohol in it and lots have ended up needing medical treatment. Are we going to regulate mouthwash. Put more money into research and mental health to try and correct societies abuse issue not the products being abused.

Kratom is a very good product if used properly and has less harmful products in it than most pharmaceuticals. I say leave it alone. Addicts and people who abuse things will find something. Work on what creates the addicts and desire to abuse things. Mental Health and Parenting Are we going to regulate everything? Not to mention there are so many opiate addicts and Chronic Pain Patients who are successfully and safely using Kratom to either lower their opioid use or replace it, if it was to suddenly be regulated or completely outlawed, SO many people will die. I truly believe many people will start emigrating out of this country because the Healthcare has become so atrocious, especially for anyone with anxiety, adhd or pain issues, and especially those that require certain medications.

Land of the free my butt, maybe years ago…. Grinspoon, You did not address her comments regarding our government feeling that they should take away our rights as people and patients to choose. I am a nurse and was brought into the field at a time when pain was treated as a vital sign. I personally believe that if the government gets the right to regulate kratom, the next step would be scheduling it as a controlled substance.

The opioid crisis is fueled by regulation and control. Thanks Dr. Trouble is that there will be no money to study Kratom because there is no money to be made from it. Not like in Oxicontin. I can tell you one tsp of Kratom is much more effective pain relief than 10 mg oxiecodon.

I take it three times a day. Recovering from major back surgery.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Strategies for Retiring Rich in a Totally Changed World

The side benefit is that I do far more because I am almost free of pain. Where as The opioids had a downer effect the Kratom has a mild stimulating effect much like coffee but better and no jitters. I am, by the way, Shortly after taking Kratom I stopped taking Lyrica and Meloxicam. They were no where near as effective as Kratom.

Yes , agreed , kraton should be regulated , that makes reasonably sure it has no additives as some not so honest vendors sometimes do to get repeat customers ,. But ,on the other hand , honest , above board vendors , have already taken the option of testing kratom and making results public. Which is what most want to see. Now that true opioids are hard to come by , kratom is picking up the slack , by providing an alternative. What are they to do? Not reasonable. Interesting hmm?

Google the info , and you too can see said the blind man. Your comment has been submitted and is being reviewed by our editors. They cut me off randomly, and while I understood it, I was still in a large about of pain. They sent me to pain management, but made me wait a good 3 months to get in. It helped with the withdrawal, and it helped take the edge off the pain. I was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia and nerve pain. They put me on gabapentin, a strong anti inflammatory, and amitriptyline at night.

I do physical therapy. I try to work hard on muscle building. So I take small doses of certain kratoms to help me focus and just handle the pain. The kratom community generally wants it regulated like other over the counter herbs. They just want to schedule it.

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I do agree to have non law in forced quality controls by an independent party like thoses who test other herbs available….. Keep the government out of it. Kratom is an herb I use daily as a tea.

See a Problem?

The best way to describe it is an herbal antidepressant. There is no inebreation, only a positive sense of well-being. It would be as positive an addition to our society as was coffee.

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It is entirely safe provided one uses raw leaf. Extracts of any substance can be dangerous. Well said Brian. Thank you for keeping it simple. Kratom has been used for hundreds of years with zero undisputed deaths. It helps some people for their health, and many others simply enjoy the energy and feelings of well being. I want the kratom advocates to change their tune to a more aggressive stance of calling out the politicians for their obvious lies.

Stop being PC about it. I do as well and completely agree.

No Retirement in Sight?

It also helps with diarrhea quite well. Supposedly their are already Pharmaceutical companies that are experimenting with creating synthetic pills for opiate addiction from the active chemicals in Kratom such as Mitragynine. Just sayin people….. It really is a mild stimulant and antidepressant.

Think of coffee without the jitters with an aspirin thrown in.