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It takes a very long time for the Harkonnens to return to prominence once again, as everyone remembers the shame, even though Abulurd's descendants had nothing to do with it. By the same token, Abulurd's descendants vow revenge on the descendants of Vorian Atreides, which is how their feud started. Additionally, the official excuse for the enslavement of the Buddhislamics is "your ancestors chose to flee instead of helping us fight the machines".

The real reason is the fear of any sort of machine, requiring the use of manual labor. However, no one wants to pay fair wages to workers, so slaves are used instead. The feud is exacerbated in the follow-up trilogy, where Valya Harkonnen seemingly kills Vorian Atreides he survives in front of his descendant. Valya seems happy to allow let the rest of the Atreides live, especially since Vorian beseeched his descendant to let it go. Unfortunately, the manner in which Vorian is "killed" is cowardly and backhanded, only infuriating the young Atreides.

Punishing Children for the Sins of their Parents

So when he and Valya's little brother end up courtiers to Emperor Roderick, it's the Atreides who ends up rekindling the feud, seeking retribution for the murders of Vorian and his brother earlier. In The Tomb , Kusum Bahktri seeks revenge on the descendants of the British colonial officer who'd raided a secret Indian temple to steal its gemstones, murdering Kusum's ancestors in the process.

While the first member of the Westphalen lineage that Kusum eliminates was an Asshole Victim , the others he targets are a pair of harmless old ladies who have no clue where their family's wealth came from, and a seven-year-old girl who's never benefited from the fortune at all. This is justified in Pact , where many supernatural creatures are unable to distinguish between members of a family line, which results in the debts and the deeds of a family member being passed down through the ages.

If the family is both very evil and very good at surviving long enough to procreate, as in the case of the Thorburns, then the responsibility for entire lifetimes of evil can fall upon the next heir. Blake Thorburn finds himself in this position in the start of the story. In Ru Emerson's Spell Bound , Ilse is still dissatisfied when she has cursed and killed those most responsible for her mother's death.

She then goes on to their children, who had no part in it. Potential villain ultimately Anti-Villain Kal Zakath spends the early part of The Malloreon trying to destroy every scion of mad king Taur Urgas, after his vengeance against that man was stolen in the climax of the previous series. He gives it up when he is given proof that all of Urgas' offspring are dead, and his heir is actually the son of another man. In the Avatar Series of novels in the Forgotten Realms setting, Kelemvor is the descendent of a man who was cursed for being selfish and refusing to offer a minor charity.

The original curse triggered any time the man accepted payment for anything, and caused him to turn into a massive were-panther and stay in that form until he killed at least one person. As a result, he died destitute and penniless. But the curse transferred to his children, and since children are born without greed , the curse inverted itself—for all of his descendents, the curse triggers any time the victim does anything charitable or gives away anything for free, forcing the rest of his line to become selfish mercenaries to avoid the effects of the curse.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

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Besides his own run in with breaking the Laws of Magic killing his evil mentor in self-defense , Harry has frequently dealt with people who knew his mother Margarete LeFay Dresden. She was considered a radical by the older generation of the Council for her pushing the Council to take a more active and morally good stance in helping the world by showing just how much harm she could do by technically not breaking any laws. The Lord Raith, King of the White Court of vampires, truly loathes her and seeks to kill Harry and Harry's half-blood sibling Thomas Raith's own son because on her death, Margarete cursed Lord Raith to never feed on people's emotions and the curse will only vanish if all her blood descendants are dead.

They held the last generation responsible and they will hold the future generation responsible. That's what happens when you go to war with a Society of Immortals. The protagonist Stanley Yelnats inadvertently lifts the curse by saving the woman's descendant. In Survivor Dogs , the other dogs are afraid of Doberman's, known to them as "Fierce Dogs", because the only ones they've seen are violent and aggressive. This comes to a head when Lucky rescues a litter of Fierce Dog pups whose mother was murdered by their pack leader. Even though they're just tiny puppies that are only a few weeks old, the adults still have mixed feelings towards them and are initially afraid of them.

Oathbringer third book of The Stormlight Archive : This is revealed to be the ultimate cause of the Forever War between humanity and the Voidbringers. The parsh were the original inhabitants of Roshar, and welcomed the human refugees who had survived after destroying their own planet. But the humans conquered Roshar for themselves, causing the parsh to turn to Odium, the God of Evil who the humans originally worshiped. The souls of ancient parsh are now the Voidbringers, and are reincarnated into the bodies of modern parsh with every Desolation, when they lead the modern parsh against the humans they still hate.

The modern parsh are shown to be no different than the humans, and there are many hints that despite the friction between the species, they would have been able to come to a peaceful accord if not for the Voidbringers pushing them to war. Warrior Cats : Fire And Ice reveals that the bloodthirsty Brokenstar was Yellowfang's son, the latter adding that StarClan punished her for breaking the medicine cat code that a medicine cat is not to have a mate or kits by letting Brokenstar live. Yellowfang's Secret , however, shows that Brokenstar's rise to leadership unchallenged was also a punishment from StarClan for driving SkyClan out, which happened several years before Yellowfang's Secret takes place.

In Chrysalis , the Terran cares little that the people of Xunvir who had any hand in the scouring of Earth are now long-dead, on the grounds that the Xunvir robbed Earth and humanity of its future. Live-Action TV. The Equalizer features this in a fourth and final season episode called this only with "The" as its first word, in which a mobster's small son was kidnapped by the widow of the mobster's accidental crossfire murder victims-the widow's husband and small son-from eight years earlier.

Here, Worf's late father, Mogh, is accused of treason, but only to cover up the fact Duras' powerful clan was responsible to avoid civil war. The Klingon High Council figured that, since the only relation they knew of to that Klingon is Worf, a Federation citizen, then he would be safe from any punishment this judgment would bring. Unfortunately, they underestimate how much value Worf places in his Klingon heritage, including his honor; the dishonor may have no practical implications, but that doesn't mean Worf is going to let it slide though he eventually agrees to go along with it anyway for the greater good of the Empire.

Played with in the case of Duras. Worf clearly wants revenge on Duras, for Duras' father framing Worf's father for treason. He does not directly challenge him, as with Duras dead, Worf would never have the proof to regain his honor. Then Duras kills Worf's mate and Alexander's mother K'ehleyr Subverted in a later episode, when Klingon Chancellor Gowron offers Worf the opportunity to execute Duras' son when the House of Duras' treachery comes to light and Worf's family honor is finally restored.

Worf declines, pointing out that unlike his grandfather, father, and aunts, he has committed no crime. It is also mentioned in a couple episodes that the dishonor for certain crimes in Klingon culture is passed down for a certain number of generations. Worf actually lies about the heritage of the children of Klingon POWs that he discovered because allowing oneself to be captured shames the family for three generations, meaning that said children, and any future children they might have, would be tainted in Klingon society for their parent's perceived sins. Chancellor Gowron strips Worf's family honor when Worf refuses to side with the Empire against the Federation.

Worf is willing to accept that because he feels that, whatever the Empire's official position, betraying his oath would be a true dishonor. Unfortunately, the fallout also affects Worf's brother, and he is not happy. Lost : Ben intends to kill Penny Widmore because her father's hired a psycho who killed Ben's daughter Alex. It ain't pretty. CSI : One episode had the killer of the week hunting down and executing the grandsons of the men responsible for her grandparents' deaths. Babylon 5 : The Centauri start the series as the targets of this from the Narn. Later they start doing their own sins.

It doesn't help that the Centauri won't admit to having occupied Narn, claiming that they were helping to uplift the Narn savages and got attacked for their trouble. Emperor Turhan, however, has gone out of his way to appease the Narn by returning the territories and making what amends he can.

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  6. Despite these actions, G'Kar cannot see the difference between the man and the family he came from and fully intended to kill the Emperor when he came to the station. Of course, the Vree have never abducted anyone. The likely candidates would have been the Streib. The Vree just happen to look like your typical Greys and fly around in flying saucers.

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    Some material indicates that they have indeed visited Earth in the 20th century on a routine survey mission. They find the fact that this had a big impact on human culture hilarious. A teenage girl is found dead and about two or three months pregnant. At first, the detectives suspect her music teacher It turns out that her boyfriend, who fathered the baby, is her half brother since her mom's boyfriend and her biological father is her boyfriend's father, married to another woman. He is not happy to find out about this. Toyed with but ultimately averted in a later episode. The defendant is a man who, decades earlier, had been Forced to Watch as his mother was gang-raped by three KKK members.

    As an adult, the man had tracked down the granddaughter of one of the rapists and had intended to rape her so that her grandfather would feel what he had felt. But when he broke in to do it and actually had to look at the granddaughter, he realized that in order to do what he'd planned, he would have to hurt an innocent woman who had nothing to do with what happened to his mother she wasn't even born yet , and he couldn't go through with it.

    Unsurprisingly, it takes the police and the DA a while to sort this one out. A man murders his father so he can inherit a house, which hosts party goers who are eventually revealed to be the vengeful spirits of people his father had burned to death several decades ago. They'd been wanting to return the favor, but since the father is dead, they settle for getting revenge on the son instead. They even reenacted the night of their murder, just to confirm that he deserved to die for his father's crime. The son acted exactly like his father.

    Romeo asked Juliet's father if there was anyway the two families could reconcile. The reply: "I can forget your grandfather killed mine. I can forget your great-grandfather killed mine.


    I can even forget your great-great-grandfather killed mine. In 2 Broke Girls Caroline is hated by many people because her father ran a Ponzi Scheme that cost thousands of people their life savings. While Caroline did not know about the fraud, her lavish lifestyle was funded by the stolen money. Smallville : Jonathan Kent instantly dislikes Lex Luthor solely because he is the son of Lionel Luthor, a man he detests.

    In the episode "Hourglass," this is Harry Bollston's whole M. After originally being sent to prison for murdering the son of a teacher who recommended someone else for a prestigious scholarship, he gets out and starts plotting to kill the children of the jurors from his trial, including Jonathan. An episode of the original Battlestar Galactica involves a prison populated by descendants of the original criminals.

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    Thief And yes that includes things that aren't even considered criminal in our society e. A running gag is the prisoners wondering what sort of crime starbucking is. Simon and before him, his father Roy had the power to erase a Trouble by killing one person who had it, so he went on a killing spree of Troubled people, trying to wipe them out. Duke was completely ignorant of the Crocker ability and doesn't learn that he has inherited it or of his father's deeds until the episode "Sins of the Fathers". In season 4, Duke's brother Wade comes into town and many people also associate him with Simon while he is completely ignorant of what Simon has done.