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Beauregard liked the scenerio and bought the rights off Truffaut for , francs. Truffaut was credited with the screenplay and Chabrol as artistic advisor. While the plot, reminiscent of a thousand Film Noir B movies, is simple, the film itself is stylistically complex and revolutionary in its breaking of traditional Hollywood storytelling conventions.

All of the trademarks of the New Wave are evident: jump cuts, hand-held camerawork, a disjointed narrative, an improvised musical score, dialogue spoken directly to camera, frequent changes of pace and mood, and the use of real locations. Godard had taken his first step toward reinventing cinema. His own unconventional take on the genre began with his second picture which was adapted from a novel by David Goodis called Down There. This was a deliberate move away from what he felt the public expected of him after the autobiographical nature of his first film.

Tirez Sur Le Pianiste Shoot The Pianist was packed with cinematic references and deliberate subversions of genre conventions. Although considered a classic now, Tirez Sur Le Pianiste baffled audiences at the time who were used to a more conventional style of storytelling.

The film was not a financial success and Truffaut , who had planned to turn his company Les Films du Carrosse into a kind of New Wave studio, was forced to lower his expectations. From this time onwards he made it a rule only to produce his own films, and any projects sent to him, he referred to other producers.

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Adapted from a novel by Raymond Queneau, the story follows an eleven year old girl and her eccentric uncle on a mad cap chase around Paris. Claude Chabrol also reacted against his previous work with Les Bonnes Femmes , an unusual mix of Hitchockian thriller and documentary realism, examining the ups and downs in the lives of four shop girls. The film details their hopeful but ultimately doomed attempts at finding romance. Featuring Anouk Aimee in the title role, this often downbeat tale of lost love and the machinations of fate was told with a joie de vivre that would become characteristic of Demy's unique cinematic oeuvre.

That same year, Francois Truffaut was planning Jules et Jim the story of two friends who both fall in love with the free-spirited but capricious Catherine. He had initially come across the semi-autobiographical book by Henri-Pierre Roche by chance in a second hand bookshop, had fallen in love with it, and considered making it his first feature.

However, realising how difficult it would be to get right, he put it to one side until he had more experience under his belt. Now he had the experience and used it to create what would become one of the most famous and popular films of the French New Wave. Jules et Jim was a stylistic tour de force, incorporating newsreel footage, photographic stills, freeze frames, voice over narration, and a variety of fluid moving shots executed to perfection by cameraman Raoul Coutard. Despite this, Truffaut stayed remarkably faithful to the source material.


They had in common a background in documentary, a left wing political orientation, and an interest in artistic experimentation. Despite the critical disagreements, the film won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and its surreal imagery has become an iconic part of film history. Over the following years he developed a unique essay style of documentary filmmaking. His one fictional film, La Jetee , a science fiction story about a time traveller, composed almost completely of still photographs, has become a classic in its own right.

She began as a photographer, then turned to the cinema and directed La Pointe Courte , a low budget documentary-like feature film about the break up of a marriage which, in its production method and style, presaged the coming New Wave. Over the following years, she made a number of shorts and documentaries, before directing Cleo from 5 to 7 This real time portrait of a singer set adrift in the city as she awaits the results of a life or death medical report became one of the benchmarks of the Nouvelle Vague movement.

The success of the early New Wave had opened the gates for a generation of unknown directors to break through into what had previously been a very closed industry. Films were now being made by young people, for young people, and staring young people. Inevitably, there was a media backlash. The failure at the box office of Tirez Sur Le Pianiste , Une Femmes est une Femmes and other high profile releases gave the press ammunition to attack the movement. At the same time the old guard believed it was making a comeback with a string of successful films beginning with Rue des Prairies , staring Jean Gabin.

Most of its leading writers were now directors and no longer had the time to devote to writing for the magazine. This new group did not always share the same opinions as its predecessors, leading to clashes with editor in chief, Eric Rohmer. Compte rendu: Gaston Paris, dans Journal des savants , , p. Compte rendu: Jean Acher, dans Revue des langues romanes , 53, , p. Compte rendu: May Plouzeau, dans Revue des langues romanes , 99, , p.

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