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The rebus, or pictogram, is an advert from c. Remarkably, such elaborate — and often rather beautiful — adverts were a common way of advertising lotteries during the early nineteenth century.

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Other people in the library were frequently subjected to my ill-suppressed noises of triumph on working out a particularly baffling bit. Until they were banned in , state-run lotteries had been a nationwide craze since Much like today, with responsibility for organizing the National Lottery falling to Camelot rather than the government, nineteenth-century lotteries were run by lottery contractors and not the government itself.

If you wanted to be able to sell lottery tickets legally, you had to tender your bid to the government, pay for an official license, and then buy your stash of tickets from the government, none of which came cheap. Lottery tickets from Photograph: C. Oxford, with additions, notes, and appendices.

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Gessler 12 April Smallpox: A History. Jordan: including original private correspondence, and numerous anecdotes of her contemporaries". London: Edward Bull.

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With a View of Their Contemporaries. Greene Theatre in Dublin, A Calendar of Performances.

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CUP Archive. Bentley's Miscellany. Richard Bentley.


Victorian Secrets. Public Health in the fucking Town of Boston, Cash-strapped customers were getting less value for money from their food and drink. Fortunately, an entrepreneur who had pioneered modern advertising in order to sell tickets in the national lottery was looking for a moneymaking opportunity.

Thomas Bish — was a strange mixture of idealist and spiv who managed to be expelled from both the House of Commons and the Stock Exchange in the same year, Bish was also a marketing genius, hiring the essayist Charles Lamb as copywriter and George Cruikshank as illustrator.

Techniques Bish pioneered included spin-doctoring, graphic design, the use of modern typography, direct marketing and even early market research.

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Following a campaign led by William Wilberforce, Parliament decided to do away with the State lottery from onwards. Restoring the sparkle to a fading pleasure ground promised to make up some of the lost cash.

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In , therefore, with his old business cronies Frederick Gye and Richard Hughes a music lover , Bish bought the Vauxhall Gardens lease from the Tyers family. An option to buy all the property was exercised in , but Bish dropped out. The grand relaunch was planned for the season as most of the attractions for had already been arranged. The resourceful Bish now pulled a marketing masterstroke.

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Thus, an amusement park could be renamed The Royal Gardens, Vauxhall, and a title that Bish insisted appear on every entry ticket, programme, advertisement, handbill and supper menu. The proud new proprietors also exploited the royal connection by staging galas attended by most of fashionable London. This Tivoli opened in with beautiful gardens, whose attractions ranged from a fairground to rare plants and many other attractions including a fairground. Sarah had graduated to putting on her shows from tightrope walking while juggling clay tobacco pipes and swallowing giant live grubs.