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Before having kids, Courtney worked in a Public Relations department at a local university. After her first child - a son who is now 8 - was born, she started staying home. She started writing pieces for different publications, and then eventually scored some business clients. Those corporate clients are what have potential for high income. Last January she decided to maximize the growth and really go for it! To date Courtney keeps four really great regular clients, and a few others who provide less regular work, but are clients she really wants to work with.

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With her kids now in school she can take on more work, and the increase has been a total blessing to her family. Content marketing is a buzzword these days, and the jist of it means is writing blogs, email newsletters, and website pages for any business. For her clients, Courtney has provided the content - the written words - for entire websites before!

She also has created sitemaps, going through the pages on their website they want revamped and so on. For her regular clients, she almost acts as a marketing consultant in addition to providing the writing. I love that Courtney does writing for a variety of businesses.

Included in her portfolio is: a construction company, a mid-sized bank, a content marketing agency that specializes in education writing working with schools through them , and a nonprofit. She stared out by emailing different contacts locally, people she had worked with before or had some prior connection to. In those initial emails, she outlined why she thought the managers should hire her, ideas she had for their company, and so on. But - finally! Her first big gig was a company wanting help with their website. It snowballed from there.

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The agency posted their need to have a writer who could take occasional jobs. She found a direct email address and wrote a kind message to the agency director. Courtney got back a message almost immediately. The agency was interested! Courtney took the next step to go directly to the director via email, which made her stand out from all the other commenters! And trust me! As a business owner who gets unsolicited pitches all the time. I totally struggle with this on the odd-occasion I accept a coaching call for a high rate.

And Courtney has struggled with that same feeling, too. But at the end of the day, as mamapreneurs we have to stick with our prices! You have to know what your work is worth. Our time is valuable. Her short answer is yes, but the change is hard to quantify since her writing projects are so varied. How does Courtney decide which jobs to take? She trusts her gut. And if not? She gives herself the freedom to pass. Primarily, Courtney writes for websites, both updating the content of entire sites and writing new blog posts.

For blog post writing, sometimes clients give her an idea of what they want and let Courtney do most of the work and research. With this new freelance schedule, is Courtney still blogging and building her personal brand? She admits did take a break from blogging over the summer, which allowed her to settle into the freelance schedule.

Courtney has a new idea for an ebook, and wants to keep blogging to see where else it will take her. She really likes the business to business model, rather than business to consumer. She knows what success looks like for herself, how she wants her days to run, and knew that freelance business writing is the way to make it happen. You personally only have so many hours a day and finite resources to work with. Unless you hire additional people to provide your service, service-based businesses really can have some limits!

But Courtney has found that freelance copywriting works so well for her.

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The income she makes suits her goals. The potential for a copywriter income is huge!

Has Courtney ever had a total client disaster!? Years ago Courtney worked on a small project for a client referred to her by a friend. Courtney wrote a few press releases for this client and, as you do, billed for the work. Courtney send a few more messages, but never got a response. Oh my goodness!! We work so hard for these kids! And at the end of the day, they just want cafeteria food.

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Lauren Keplinger is a fellow military spouse hoo-ah! And, remember, she did this through deployments, moves, and the birth of 3 kids! If Lauren can grow a biz, I know you can, too! She got started sewing as a hobby with a really terrible sewing machine she bought at a yard sale.

Lauren would make John Johns for her son and burp cloths for the new baby. But she wanted more.

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How many of us have felt that way!? She wanted a challenge for herself while she was home with an infant. Lauren started selling her creations on Etsy and the business just grew from there. Self-Hosted Site?? Having her own site is a recent development in the last 18 months. The majority of her sales are still on Etsy.